Experts give suggestions on how the learning process should take place in pandemic times


There is still nothing concrete about how this school year will start for the students of North Macedonia, whether they will return to school or not. The education department says that the epidemiological situation will dictate the actions that will be taken.

According to the recommendations of the Commission for Infectious Diseases in Northe Macedonia, only second and third grade students, approximately children up to the age of 10, are expected to sit on school benches in September, while other students are recommended to attend school online, although they added that this proposal to pursue distance learning does not include all schools in different municipalities of the

Sulejman Rushiti, former Minister of Education, says that the health of students and teachers is in the first place, although he adds that the authorities are late to take appropriate measures in time when it is warned that the pandemic will last and that we are expected to have a second wave in autumn.

I think the authorities were late in taking the necessary measures in time, given the fact that they were warning that the pandemic would last and that the second wave was expected in the autumn. Now, we are again faced with the fact that quick decisions must be made but if they are not based on law, they are arbitrary. In this situation where it is, the Ministry of Education should have ready to propose the changes and propose them as soon as the assembly starts working!”, Rushiti emphasizes.

“As for my opinion on the way of teaching, given the current situation, facilitations and other limitations, I believe that a golden mean of a combined process should be found, ie at least 1/3 of the process of teaching. takes place with physical presence. As a result of emigration, the classrooms in most cases have a small number of students, so I think that the physical distance can be maintained! ”, Declared the former Minister of Education, Sulejman Rushiti.

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