Vucic ”strange” reaction after Trump mentions relocation of Serbian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem


A video of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic during the speech of the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump at the signing ceremony of the economic agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, has gone viral on the social network Twitter.

Many users of the social network Twitter have shared this video, writing that it is possible that Vuicic signed the agreement without knowing what it contained.

“The moment Serbian President Vuicic realizes that the agreement he just signed (properly without reading it) says that his country should set up an embassy in Jerusalem, Israel,” a Twitter user

Meanwhile, the Palestinian ambassador to Belgrade, Mohamed Nabhan, has reacted to the Washington agreement, at one point of which has to do with Israel and the relocation of the Serbian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Nabhan has said that if this happens, then it is to the detriment of the right of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem.

He stressed that this is contrary to the United Nations resolution, which refers to the Palestinian issue.

Nabhan added that this would undermine the traditional friendship between Palestine and Serbia and its further development.

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